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At Contract to Close we focus on the paperwork portion of the real estate transactions.  Having the ability to concentrate on this one area allows us to provide the buyer and seller with a seamless transaction process.  We are focused on the important timelines and compliance surrounding the purchase or sale of your home.   We act as a second set of eyes and ears regarding all communication between agents, the title company, the lender and you.  We handle both residential and commercial transactions. We are available to answer any questions you may have and assist you throughout the process.

Duties of the TC

- Open escrow

- Liaison between all parties

- Check file for compliance

- Create time line for each contract to ensure all deadlines are met

- Obtain HOA docs & submit to buyer

- Coordinate and verify appraisal has been ordered and received

- Maintain constant contact with title company

- Coordinate closing date, time and location with all parties

- And so much more

Agent Responsibilities:

- Submit executed contract

- Complete transaction intake form

- Negotiate repairs, appraisal issues and any changes to the contract

- Obtain all keys, garage door openers, etc. prior to closing

- Perform final walk through & attend closing

- Review settlement statement & approve all commission

We take care of the rest

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